SHACHAL (9-11)

Our Shachal campers, entering 4th and 5th grade, are well versed in the tournament style of play, and at this point are focusing on individual skill development and refinement.

8:30am – 9:10am Drop off free play followed by Tefilla
9:10am – 9:50am Basketball Leagues
9:50am – 10:30am Volleyball Leagues
10:30am – 10:50am Snack
10:50am – 11:35am Art/Robotics
11:40am – 12:25pm Soccer Leagues
12:30pm – 1:05pm Lunch
1:05pm – 1:50pm Basketball Fundamentals
1:55pm – 2:35pm Speedball
2:35pm – 2:50pm Snack
2:50pm – 3:30pm Football Leagues
3:30pm Pick up